Our additional services include: 

  • Monthly Social Groups: Our consumers assist us with picking and planning monthly social group activities that meet a wide range of interests and needs.  

  • Assistive Technology: Technology that helps a participant be more independent in their daily lives. We can help you choose, learn how to use and care for the item. Some examples of Assistive Technology are talking calculators, audio books, special cooking and eating tools, special computer keyboards, and equipment that creates speech.

  • Respite Care: This service gives a participant’s caregiver a short break. It is for unexpected circumstances when the caregiver is not available at a time when the caregiver would usually be available to support the participant. This service is not for events that happen regularly. It may be used to give the caregiver a break, such as a long weekend away or vacation.

  • Social Skills Training Program

  • ASD Education & Training

  • ASD Life CoachingAre you tired of navigating state and insurance systems to get services? We offer a reasonably priced "Life Coach" service that can be used for anyone, for any reason! Siblings, parents, or other family members will benefit as we develop a set of goals and assist you in meeting them!


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